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Black Rock Community Council

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The Public Safety Committee works to promote the safety and security of the community. It consists of neighbors from all areas of Black Rock working together in a variety of roles to enhance the quality of life that Black Rock has always enjoyed. Heading this committee is a chairperson who oversees area coordinators, who in turn communicate directly with street captains.

The committee chair serves as the liaison between the police department and the area coordinators. Additionally, the chairperson, in conjunction with the BRCC Executive Board, organizes meetings with residents, police and elected officials and runs educational forums to promote crime prevention and safety awareness.

This community-based crime prevention program is a simple and direct approach to protecting Black Rockers from criminal attacks. The program involves the reduction of criminal opportunity through our participation in crime prevention measures, such as being alert and aware, reporting suspicious and criminal activity to the police, and initiating actions which reduce criminal opportunity.

  • Area Coordinators oversee sectors  (see below) of the neighborhood. In addition to recruiting street captains, area coordinators also communicate regularly with captains in order to maintain a consistent and accurate flow of information related to criminal activity and safety concerns. The area coordinators communicate regularly with each other and with the Public Safety Committee chairperson.
  • Street Captains are responsible for communicating information with their neighbors and keeping them informed of any suspicious activities or concerns. They will also encourage neighbors to contact their street captain with any information related to security issues.
  • Block Watchers The main responsibility of a block watcher is to be alert to problems on their street and quickly report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police and then to their Street Captain and Area Coordinator. 
If you are interested in becoming an Area Coordinator or Street Captain or to sign up as a Block Watcher, please contact us at!

Please join our efforts to create a safer Black Rock by volunteering to become an area coordinator or street captain or by volunteering to assist in ongoing education and safety awareness programs

To view the sectors and the streets, Click Here

Questions Regarding this Program can be sent to

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