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Black Rock
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z__charles_cooperThe Charles Cooper – Built by William Hall in Black Rock and launched on November 11, 1856.

A group of energized residents have recently formed the Black Rock Community Council History Committee, dedicated to the research and presentation of Black Rock’s history, the promotion of the fascinating history of Black Rock, and the celebration of our famous forebears.

The mission of the History Committee is “to promote the history of Black Rock through education and historic preservation initiatives in order to make the past a meaningful part of the present.”

Committee objectives include online resources on the BRCC website to promote Black Rock’s history, organizing tours and lectures, collecting resources and placing markers at historical locations throughout the community.

As we move forward with these efforts and involve more people, we can add many more endeavors to this program. The possibilities are limitless!

Do you have an interest in the history of Black Rock? Want to get involved? We meet monthly and your level of commitment can reflect the amount of time you are able to give. The committee also needs historical documents, photographs, relics, & oral history that help tell the tale of our community.

If you have interesting relics, maps or historical information you’d like to share, send us an email at

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